The motive of post-operative physiotherapy is to help patients to regain the lost mobility in their bodies. For instance, if you have undergone a knee replacement surgery, an open heart procedure, or a complex spinal surgery, you can speed up your healing process with the help of post-operative physiotherapy treatment. After the surgery, the body is placed at rest for a long period. The limb might become stiff, and you will face problems moving or walking normally. That’s when post-operative physiotherapy will act as a boon.

Physiotherapists know about different exercises that you must do after the surgery. They will customise the exercise as per the type of surgery the patient has undergone.

Before booking a session for physiotherapy in Harlow, here are a few advantages that you can have from post-operative physiotherapy. Check them out.

How can post-operative physiotherapy be helpful?

Improves balance and mobility

Any surgery puts a limitation on the affected part as well as the surrounding regions of the body. The body becomes stiff in a natural response to protect the area where the surgery has been performed. If this continues for a long duration, then the patient will not be able to move ever in his life again. Hence, physiotherapy after surgery can effectively regain balance and mobility. Especially the back, legs, pelvis area and hands become flexible and mobile with the help of physiotherapy sessions.

Reduces chances of scar formation

After every surgery, scar tissue forms as a part of the healing process. During physiotherapy treatment, therapists use different massage techniques to soften the scar tissue and reduce the chances of further formation.

Improves body flexibility

Activity in the body after the surgery makes the body stiff. With the help of repeated physiotherapy sessions, the patient can overcome the stiffness and regain flexibility in different body parts. During the physiotherapy sessions, warm-ups, gentle stretching, and muscle exercises are recommended to help the patient gain strength in different body parts.

Reduces pain and body swelling

Due to different types of chemical injections and medicines after surgery, a patient might experience swelling and pain in different body parts. It isn’t easy to get rid of pain, and as days pass, it might worsen. With the help of physiotherapy treatment, this surgical pain can be reduced to a great extent.

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