Arthritis, which is linked with inflammation and stiffness in the bones, is one of the prevalent conditions that affects people worldwide. The pain ranges from mild to severe and impacts your daily life.

However, physiotherapy in Enfield and other areas offers an effective strategy for managing arthritis symptoms, improving joint functions and enhancing general mobility.

If you have arthritis and are looking for an effective remedy for the same, physiotherapy is the best treatment for this. The physiotherapists provide strategies that help manage pain and reduce joint discomfort.

Strategies in Which You Can Manage Arthritis Pain with Physiotherapy

1. Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reduce pain caused due to arthritis and osteoarthritis. But do you know how it works? And how is it helping your body? This therapy induces joint mobilisation and reduces pain in your body.

Though the joint is degenerative in this case, mobilising helps improve the range of movement and reduce your pain to a greater extent. Hence, improving the range of joint movement also helps eliminate inflammation. It is a brilliant therapy, and many patients have experienced the benefits.

2. Motion Range Exercising

Arthritis causes limited joint movement and results in stiffness and pain in the body. The physiotherapists make use of motion exercises to treat the symptoms. They involve moving the joints in all directions naturally, such as rotating wrists or bending knees. These are called mobilisation exercises.

Such exercises aim to reduce stiffness, improve joint function and provide comfort while walking. These exercises are light and are performed at home, too.

3. Resistance And Strengthening Exercises

Arthritis leads to muscle weakness, resulting in pain in the affected joint. As people age, the muscles show atrophy and thus, the strength of muscles reduces. However, the muscles around the affected joints loosen if you carry out strength-training exercises. It further enhances support and reduces stress on the joints.

Some strategies include lightweight exercises, resistance band exercises and movement and body weight exercises like sit-to-stand. Discussing your condition with the expert first is important, as he will decide on the right strategy for you.

4. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy or water therapy is an effective physiotherapy that helps manage arthritis pain. The buoyancy of water helps to eliminate the impact of painful joints, making the exercise work better. Resistance also helps strengthen the muscles. The activities include water walking, water aerobics, swimming and so on.

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