Injuries in sports are a common phenomenon. Sports injuries can be minor, like slight strains and sprains, or severe, like fractures or torn ligaments. The role of sports physiotherapists is to manage and cure these injuries quickly. Professional physiotherapists also provide customised advice on safe participation in any event. The experts offering physiotherapy in Harlow suggest patients follow an active lifestyle for health benefits.

Common Types of Sports Injuries

Below is the list of the most common types of sports injuries:
a) Sprains
b) Bruises
c) Joint injuries
d) Nose bleeds
e) Knee fracture
f) Bone fracture

Why is Sports Physiotherapy Needed?

As mentioned earlier, specific sports injuries cause immense discomfort and pain. Those who suffer from this kind of pain also undergo emotional distress. A sports physiotherapist provides the necessary medications and the massage sessions that facilitate the healing process. The physiotherapist ensures that you recover quickly and get back to everyday life. He also ensures that the injury doesn’t affect your ability or future performance.

What Does Sports Physiotherapy Sessions Include?

Sports physiotherapy sessions aim to enhance sportspersons’ physical and mental well-being. The sessions include the following:
a) Hot and cold therapy to reduce pain and inflammation
b) Evaluating the strength of limbs and muscles
c) Scrutinising the range of motion of the injured limb
d) Protecting the affected area using bracing, immobilisation, or crutches
e) Developing a rehabilitation plan as per the patient’s requirement
f) Educating the patient regarding the proceedings

Benefits of Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries

Below are some of the significant advantages of physiotherapy for sports injuries:

a) Boosts muscle and joint flexibility:

Physiotherapy sessions increase joint and muscle flexibility, which is beneficial for a sportsperson.

b) Prevents injury:

A physiotherapist suggests effective exercise schedules that decrease the impact of minor injuries like cramps, sprains, and torn ligaments.

c) Promotes body durability:

Sportspersons must deal with increased physical strain from other players. With sports physiotherapy, the body gains the potential to cope with blows.

d) Offers bodily respite:

Sports physiotherapy is not just about injury healing. There is more to it. After a tiring day, physiotherapy massage sessions enable the sportspersons to unwind and recharge.

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