Physiotherapy is effective in curing different kinds of bodily pains. Regular practice can improve the mobility, flexibility, and muscular strength of the affected area. Because of these beneficial effects, it is widely incorporated in curing chronic musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis.

The Harmful Effects of Arthritis:

Arthritis affects the joints. It can cause inflammation and pain that can lead to tenderness, stiffness, and reduced mobility. There is no complete cure for arthritis. However, proper physiotherapy can improve mobility. The routine includes regular exercise, manual therapy techniques, and proper education.

Role of Physiotherapy in Curing Arthritis:

Before choosing physiotherapy in Enfield to treat arthritis, you should learn how it can help you. Below is a detailed explanation of these points.

● Managing Pain: In physiotherapy, you will come across different rehabilitation techniques. These include heat and cold therapy. This plays a crucial role in increasing blood flow and soothing joint stiffness. You will also find various manual therapy techniques. This includes joint mobilisations and tissue massage. Along with improving joint mobility, manual therapy can alleviate pain significantly.

● Joint Protection Techniques: In this technique, therapists teach the patients to perform daily activities. They can utilise proper body mechanics. The methods can effectively reduce the strain on the affected joints. To support and stabilise arthritic joints, therapists suggest using splints, braces and other walking aids.

● Functional Rehabilitation: An advanced physiotherapy technique that focuses on improving mobility in daily activities. The patient can perform daily household chores without the need for support. Functional exercises and task-specific training are used. Regular practice can boost the patient’s confidence and help them perform simple tasks properly.

● Education and Self-Management: A physiotherapist’s role is not limited to training and exercise. They can provide valuable guidance and implement strategies for self-management, providing patients with the knowledge for self-care. They will receive proper guidance on lifestyle modifications, ergonomic principles, and adaptive strategies, which can optimise bodily function and reduce the effects of arthritis in daily activities.

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